01. How long will I wait for my photos?

We try make sure you get your photos as soon as possible.  However, as shooting goes, we are busy most weekends. Therefore every shoot forms part of a queue. Generally, we try to deliver the final product within 3 weeks of the actual shoot. Should you have to wait longer for your product we will notify you.


Coffee Table Books or Designer Albums will take longer as we design these books ourselves and they are custom printed. Please allow at least two weeks extra for delivery of these specialty products.

If your shoot/editing falls over the June/July or December/January holiday period. Your photos will take longer than usual, but we will keep you posted on our progress.

Event photographs will generally take 1 to 6 weeks to process, depending on the amount of images taken at the event. If the images are needed sooner, such as 24 hours etc, there will be an additional charge based on the size of the event


02. How long is an engagement/couples/matric farewell shoot?

All of our engagement/couples/martric farewell shoots are 60-90 minutes long.  In this time we cover the required number of photos to deliver the best possible result to you, the client.  If you would like a longer shoot or need us for a longer period of time, due to event proceedings such as in Matric Farewells, this can be arranged at a small additional fee.

03. Will you put my photos on Facebook or your Website?


Yes, as a photographers/artists the work we capture is not only our passion but also our pride.


Keep in mind that not all the photos we take are uploaded on our Facebook Page or Website, only those we are adding to our online portfolio, which we usually limit to a maximum of 25 photos.

If you would not like your images shared, please let us know and we will gladly keep them off our social media, this is just a basic move of respect.

04. Do I need to pay a deposit?


Yes, with every shoot we require a 50% deposit.  Your booking is only confirmed once the deposit has been received.  If you have not yet paid your deposit the date you are inquiring about is available to any other person willing to book that date.

Should Lambi P Productions be unable to complete any confirmed booking, we will gladly repay the full deposit without question. Should the client cancel a booking for whatever reason, the deposit is non-refundable.  

05. Can I pay when I receive my photos?


Absolutely. EFT Payments are the generally accepted payment method of the age. Therefore, all we ask, is that you pay the balance due 48 hours before pickup or delivery of the final product.

All photos not paid for or not fully paid for remain the sole property of Lambi P Productions.

06. My wedding is on a public holiday or over a long weekend, is there an additional charge?

Yes, unfortunately we run a business like any other. Therefore, like all other businesses, we have certain expenses that, in a lot of cases, double on public holidays and long weekends. So, during these times, our hourly rate is raised by R150 per hour in order to defer costs.

07. Can I give you a list of photos to take?

When it comes to photo styles, it is difficult for a photographer to mimic photos you may have seen on pinterest or google. Short answer, yes if you need specific images such as formalities etc that must not be missed we always ask for a list of important images such as groupings with family etc.


If you would like specific photos that you have seen, it is almost impossible to replicate exact images.  We recommend that our clients send us images that they have seen that they like, this helps us determine the mood the client is looking for in a shoot.


With the above mentioned, we will not be held accountable for images not replicated at any shoot we photograph, every photographer like any other creative, is unique. 

08. Can I get all my photos or more than you deliver?

The short answer. No, but the answer does warrant an explanation.


We will never deliberately exclude photos that you don't have in your final product.  The photos we supply are all those that are not only photographically correct, but the images that portray our style, after all, the reason you choose a photographer is based on their eye for the perfect photo, or simply because you love our style. 

09. How long in advance should I book?​

Unfortunately, there is no correct answer here, but we can provide a  rule of thumb: As soon as you know your venue, and date. Generally once your venue is confirmed your date wont change.  At any given point we have bookings 2-4 months in advance, however those every model and couple is different. All plan differently. So, the sooner you book, the better.  Contact us to find out our schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions